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12 Panel Comics - Ugh by DrinkTeaOrDie 12 Panel Comics - Ugh by DrinkTeaOrDie
Oh my god I just can't hit deadlines right now. Having a full time job kills me. Once the OC training is over and I finish the costumes I'm working on and the art I owe people is done I am taking a break from participating in things and just working on my own stuff. But hey, I said I'd start making comics this year. By George I definitely started.

This was supposed to be for :icon12panelcomics:. While I have the thumbnails for well over twelve panels, I was only able to scribble out "three." The 12 panel comics event actually helped me figure out how I wanted to show a short story I've had for a little while starring two of my archaeologists from the year 4010 A.D.

The rules I gave myself is that this is not allowed to have dialogue and I'm not allowed to explain it to death [two things I never ever do]. Also I wanted a limited color palette and hopefully a simpler color style. We'll see where this goes. I won't even give you these ladies' names. :P

But I will explain where they are, since the sketch [and possibly the eventual final product] is/are so poor. Right now there is something called the "Floating Forest." It's man made, and so I've taken it 2000 years into the future with at least several hundred years without human interruption. It's a bonafide huge forest with its own ecosystem in the future, floating around the ocean wherever it pleases/is taken. The giant gnarled, entangled roots allow one to walk through it, though you should watch your step. Where are they geographically? Hopefully the rest of the comic will make that clear. Those are ancient buildings poking out the top of the water in the second panel.

Thank you for reading.
OldschoolCartoons Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016  Student Filmographer
you do that girl!:) (Smile) 
DrinkTeaOrDie Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Thank you! :D
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